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The diamond mirage hair patch consists of 2 layers- skin layer and a mesh layer making it more natural looking than other patches having only a mesh base. The hair strands are hand-tied into a silk material that mimics the look and feel of a natural scalp creating the illusion of hair growing directly from your own scalp.

It also features a PU coating border that adds a touch of sophistication and provides additional support along the edges of the hair system. Embrace your desired hairstyles with ease, knowing that you’re wearing a premium product from H4A.

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Technical Details

Hair type– 100% Indian, real remy human hair.
Qty: 1 piece premium quality, diamond mirage hair system.
Density: Medium.
Hair style: Free style.
Average durability: 10 to 12 months.
Attachment Type: Clips/Tapes/Special adhesive
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The diamond mirage hair system is a remarkable hybrid hair solution that combines the realism of a silk base with the durability of a PU border. The combination of PU Border and the silk base provides a natural-looking hairline along with the freedom to style and part your hair in any direction. Elevate your appearance and confidence with the diamond mirage hair patch, where beauty meets functionality.
Premium material quality
All our products are created from 100% Indian, real human hair. The materials used in our hair systems are carefully sourced from the most reliable and reputable suppliers, thereby making it as one of the classiest hair systems available worldwide.
Natural appearance
With its silk base, the diamond mirage hair patch offers a seamless and natural-looking appearance. The silk base mimics the natural texture of the scalp making the hair patch virtually undetectable. .
Superior comfort
The soft net base used in the making of diamond mirage hair patch makes it completely breathable, supports proper ventilation and provides a comfortable fit without causing any irritation or discomfort.
Versatile styling
Explore versatile styling options with this hair patch, including the ability to comb the hair in any direction and create various hairstyles. Additionally, human hair patches can be dyed or colored to match the wearer’s preferred shade.
Men’s hair systems are often the most affordable hair systems as compared to other surgical hair replacement options. Once properly applied and styled, they require minimal maintenance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Men lose their hair in a predictable way whilst female hair loss is generally more medically related; however thinning of hair in women is becoming more prevalent. Both types of hair loss are widely referred to as androgenic alopecia. Factors that can speed up the hair loss process are ageing, stress, nutrition, medications and illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. A hair system typically refers to a hair piece made of human hairs designed to attach on the scalp to cover baldness or thinning hair caused by some of the reasons mentioned above. . Unlike the synthetic-looking, plainly artificial wigs that most people associate with the word “Wig,” good quality hair replacement systems are made up of 100% human hair & are therefore virtually impossible to differentiate from the real hair.

Unlike a traditional hair wig that offers full coverage of your head, a modern hair system typically refers to a hair piece of a smaller size designed in accordance with common types of male pattern hair loss characterized by baldness at the top and crown.

With its hair well-blended with your own hair at the sides and back, it can present a FULL UNDETECTABLE HAIR LOOK as natural as hairs growing out of your scalp. Being more affordable and handy, hair systems are also a lot more lightweight than wigs for its smaller size, which is why it comes with a greater degree of comfort and ease of maintenance

Those wishing to conceal their balding scalp or add volume and fullness to their existing hair may consider hair loss treatments such as hair restoration or hair transplant surgery, hair loss medications or hair replacement systems. A surgical hair transplant can replace hair in a bald spot, however it will not protect you against future additional hair loss around the transplant. Also hair transplant surgeries include certain amount of risks associated such as scarring, infection and pain & might not be apt for those who fear the side effects of hair loss medications or the invasive nature of hair restoration and hair transplant surgery

Hair System Pros

  • Non-Invasive: Hair systems come with practically zero side effects given they are completely non-surgical and medication-free
  • Affordable: Hair Systems are the least costly way to recover hair loss ever known, especially in comparison to hair transplants
  • Instant Change: Hair systems fulfill their value of use as soon as they are put into use by instantly presenting the look wanted by the users! Compared to other treatments which will take several months or even a year to see an improvement— sometimes may fail, a hair system however will not take a few minutes to change the wears’ look.

On the other hand, hair replacement systems also have some limitations

No, it does not happen. Your hair replacement specialist will set a maintenance schedule so that your adhesive and attachments are performing optimally, as well as to avoid any noticeable wear and tear on your hair system.

Today’s hair systems are so technologically and artistically advanced, they are virtually undetectable. They are infact so light and breathable, it looks as if hair is growing right out of your scalp